Choirs of Kansas City

 Allegro Auditions for 2022-2023 Season are open through June!

Who may audition?

Any young person who loves to sing and is entering 3rd-12th grade (Fall of 2022) may audition.

All auditions are held at the Allegro Studio (228 Oak St, Bonner Springs). We are the bright blue bldg on the corner of 3rd & Oak - you can't miss it!

1. Sign-Up for an Audition:  CLICK HERE   Leave your contact info and we'll reach out to set up a convenient time for your audition!

2. Complete these two forms prior to audition:

      a. Singer Information - submit it online- CLICK HERE

      b. Teacher Recommendation Form - print out this PDF and hand to your music teacher, or send them this link to submit - TEACHER REC ONLINE SUBMISSION 

3. A $20 audition fee will be collected at the time of your singer's audition.

What to Expect at Your Audition: 
The audition process takes 10 minutes, but allow up to 30 minutes to meet staff and tour our studio. Arrive 10 minutes before your assigned audition time to check in.
Bring a parent to the audition to meet the staff and complete registration paperwork.  A $20 non-refundable audition fee is due at the time of your audition.

All Auditioning Singers will...
  1. Sing simple vocal warm-ups 
  2. Participate in listening and harmony exercises
  3. Sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in a round with one of our directors
  4. Prepare and sing Happy Birthday (3rd-5th graders) or Star Spangled Banner - verse 1 (6th-12th) unaccompanied. Memorization is not necessary.

Singers entering 9th-12 grade will also be asked to...

  1. Sight read simple melodies
  2. Take a theory assessment (allow additional 10 minutes before or after audition to complete this)
2022 Tuition -  Poco & Vivo Choirs ($650), Moto & Spirito Choirs ($790), Brio ($810)
Need based scholarship applications are available on request!